Lancaster, OH
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Fairfield County Airport Authority
3430 Old Columbus Road NW
Carroll, Ohio 43112
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• ELV: 868 ft.
• VAR: 06W
• Runway: 10/28
• Length/Width: 5004' x 75'
• Latitude: 39-45-20.2983N
• Longitude: 082-39-25.5475

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Fairfield County Airport Mission
To be a safe and business friendly airport in order to promote area economic growth and increased aviation job opportunities.

Airport Information
The Fairfield County Airport is strategically located to serve the growing US Route 33 Business corridor. Situated between the southern outer belt of Columbus and the scenic Hocking Hills, it is a 9 minute drive to downtown Lancaster and 26 miles (30 minutes drive time) to midtown Columbus, Ohio via a four lane divided highway. The airport is located within two hours flight time of 60% of the US population and 60% of the US manufacturing.

Please connect to the Fairfield County Economic Development website (businesscounty.com) or the Fairfield 33 Development Alliance (fairfield33.com)  for further information about business opportunities along the corridor or in the county.

Fairfield County airport is located outside the heavily traveled traffic patterns of Port Columbus International Airport, Rickenbacker Airport and OSU Airport. Time consuming airborne maneuvering during approaches and departures can be avoided.
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• Single Wheel WT.:  25,500lbs.
• Double Wheel WT.: 38,500lbs.
• PAPI: 3.5
• Approaches:
    • RNAV (GPS) RWY 10   
    • RNAV (GPS) RWY 28
    • VOR or GPS - A
• WX ASOS: 740-681-1097 or 118.75
• Fuel: JET A-1+, 100LL
Fairfield County Airport Authority Board
Regular Meetings

Fairfield County Airport Authority meets the second Monday of each month at 6:00 P.M. at the Terminal Building, 3430 Old Columbus Rd, NW, Carroll, Ohio 43112.